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AniHawk is a neat poster, but sometimes hard to get a handle on.  The thing is, he can make serious posts, and facetious posts.  Unlike a joke character, they're not always facetious.  Unlike most other posters, he doesn't tend to make it obvious through text or imagery when he's being facetious.  So he slips in and out, and even when you're used to him doing this it can be hard to tell how worthwhile it is to refute a point he's made, when he might not have even really meant it.  When in doubt, assume he's pulling someone's leg.

Almost always uses an avatar of Ramirez from Skies of Arcadia.  People get weirded out when he changes it.;=312 2007-09-06, 4:41 AM EST

Wii Fit sucks because it is killing gaming and I like gaming and I have been following it for years and yesterday I just paid five hundred dollars for a PS3 because I like the games that Sony makes like Shadow of the Colossus and Ico and want to see more of them, but I don't think that will happen once Wii Shit starts selling because developers will gravitate from making awesome cinematic-based games and improving storytelling and high-end graphics to dancing games and Wii Shit is one of them and it's very sad to see people trying to defend this sort of thing because there's no way the games I like will stick around because if there's anything I learned as a PS2 fan through the last 6 years it's that once your system starts selling the most nothing else matters just like how the Gamecube stopped selling because the PS2 and Xbox were beating it and Nintendo was forced into irrelevance speaking of which I miss the game boy since that was a good system with good games on it and it seems like nintendo has completely given up all hope for standard handheld players and is content with just letting people stare blankly at brain training games that don't actually train brains and countless Mario rehashes I mean I don't see any originality at all whereas with games like Echochrome and Pain showcase just what is great about Sony and even Microsoft has like Mass Effect which should be really neat and I bet it gets a lot of good reviews and people will like it a lot because Bioware makes good games like that, you know?;=21 2009-08-27, 11:26 PM EDT

Here are 8 easy-to-follow steps you can follow to solve this problem.

1. Befriend a crazy scientist.

2. Make him hit his head somehow.

3. Get him to buy a DeLorean (or get one yourself)

4. Wait 30 years.

5. Fit a now-finished flux capacitor to the car.

6. Go back in time 30 years.

7. Stop yourself from buying Metroid Prime Trilogy

8. Buy Cursed Mountain