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Founded: June 30, 2000

Days since foundation: {DAYSSINCE()} 2000-06-30 {DAYSSINCE}

Brownie Brown started as a group of ex-Square folk; mostly artists from Legend of Mana.  They're Nintendo-run and funded, but also do development for third party publishers.

Their name and company mascot come from the mythical creature the brownie, and specifically one named Brown.  Or as their site says with the help of Babelfish,

As for BROWNIE from the fairy of the hard-worker, brow knee.

As for BROWN name of that fairy.

Magical Vacation, GBA, Nintendo

Sword of Mana, GBA, Square Enix

Mother 3, GBA, Nintendo

Magical Starsign (localized Magical Vacation 2), DS, Nintendo


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