Chad's Antideas and Thoughts: Final Fantasy VII 64DD: Part Deux

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Let me see if I understand Josh correctly.  You don't want FF VII to come to the DD?  I guess I did misunderstand you.  But now Josh is misunderstanding me, here are some quotes:

...don't even try to tell me N64 has bad graphics...

That is not what I am saying at all.  I am however saying that a game that large could not possibly have the same graphics as the Playstation version and I will prove that to you with the next quote.

But I don't see what'd be such the difference between making it 3D and that...

Do I hear graphic that you are slashing graphic quality?  That's what I think that I hear.  FFIII (U.S.)  was a great game, perhaps one of my favorite.  However, FFVII just would not be the same if put in an FFIII form.  I'm not saying it couldn't be done.  I am saying that they would have to remake the game to do it.  Maybe it would sell.  Definitely not to 1,000,000 people like the Playstation version did, but it would sell.  But, if they are going to remake the game to put it into an FFIII engine they might as well just make another game so it would sell to people with both a playstation and an N64.  Would this not be the logical approach?

In conclusion,  today I will admit that FFVII DD is possible.  However, it is not logical to do this by using the change that Josh has suggested.  I would suggest to Square to make a new game with the 64DD in mind that uses full advantage of the features of the 64 and the DD.  That would probably be a better game than FFVII anyway.

Note from the author:  I am not in any way biased against the Nintendo 64.  Actually, I am probably biased against the Playstation if any.  The Playstation doesn't have many good games on its system.  I would not recommend a Playstation to anyone except those die-hard Squaresoft fans like myself.

-Chad Heck