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Garrison something something

I find GAKMAN to be an interesting fellow who can sometimes get to be a Bit.  Too.  Much.  He kind of reminds me of myself, in that he'll come up with some interesting theory or idea related to gaming and expand upon it.  I used to do that a lot with software stuff in my Ideas and Thoughts days, but more recently I tend to keep things to myself.  Now that I've got this one-man mess that is JJSWiki I should get back to things like that, but for purposes of public thought sharing like NeoGAF I realize most people won't care what my specific thoughts on some random issue are.  However, GAKMAN does, and will provide many diagrams made on graph paper to illustrate his ideas for what a system's internals might be like, for instance.

HOWEVER, in the past couple years I've gone from finding him a bit annoying to appreciating him more, because he's had a couple big successes.  While some sort of motion control for Wii was long-rumored, his idea for two separately movable controller parts is one of the very closest to what the remote+nunchuk combo turned out to be.

Later he wondered if the caricature Wii people seen in Wii Sports at E3 2006 would be a major thing, and maybe could be saved on a controller so a person's personal character could travel with him.  People openly mocked him for that one, but this is exactly what the Mii characters ended up being and doing!

So while I continue to find some of his suggestions off, I bet some will be closer than I realize.