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AKA: Doug Erickson

Web presence: [1]

Daughter: Sian Elise Erickson

In the Gaming Forum, Drinky is many things.  He often trolls Nintendo, but does not hate them.  He is a lover of... standard.  One of his well-known phrases is ONE CONSOLE FUTURE, meaning he'd love to just see everything on one console.  PlayStation series coming closest to that in recent years, those are his consoles of preference.  He also prefers the Sony model of up-front hardware losses as being a good gesture, regardless of how I've pointed out that this has given gamers neither the best technology nor the best price.

His trolling of Nintendo is due to their leaving from the road of standard.  He enjoys many Nintendo games, particularly the major efforts like Zelda.  He doesn't care for pretty much anything they've done to differentiate themselves in the market.  DS's touch screen or Revolution's controller (which he's nicknamed the "waggle wand') are blasted as unnecessary gimmicks.  Things like Nintendogs and Brain Training are non-games, and thus are to be ignored.  So even though DS is a massive success in Japan, since it is largely due to the success of these non-gamers, it sidesteps his preference for the most successful console; a user base of old men and little girls won't inspire development of the game he cares about, after all.

Drinky does accept that there are good DS games, but remains adamant that they are good in spite of the hardware.

In political discussions on the Off-Topic Forum, Drinky is a liberal.

Notable sayings or coined phrases:

  • BUY A PS2
  • Wacky Jappy (to describe the weird Japanese games/entertainment he doesn't care for but many GAFers dig)
  • Waggle wand (Revolution controller)

2007-03-29, 09:20 PM EDT

Good advice for those Drinky is trolling, perhaps.


people will disrespect you every single day. when they push you to act in an equally disrespectable way, you ****in' lose. suck it down, rocky balboa.

12-12-2004, 02:57 AM EST


PSP vs DS is gonna become the NEW analogy of choice for demonstrating Nintendo incompetence.