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Farscape Season 1

SPOILERS TOTAL.  You've been warned.


201: Mind the Baby 2000 March 17

(First watched 2010-02-17)  So this episode marks my downfall.  While watching some weirdass thing going in and out of Scorpius's head, I thought "What the yotz is that?"  Yes, yotz.  I'm doomed.

I wondered if the wording in the title sequence would be changed since Crais isn't acting as a military man anymore... but since the wording wasn't very specific, I guess it just keeps right on working with Scorpius.


202: Vitas Mortis 2000 March 24

(First watched 2010-05-31)  Really a situation without a great answer, ethically.  Regardless of the way things began, it's making a sacrifice of one life for another.


203: Taking the Stone 2000 March 31

(First watched 2010-06-07)  Preeeetty stupid.


204: Crackers Don't Matter 2000 April 7

(First watched 2010-06-07)  The episode starts with everyone being stupid and allowing their own pride to put them in a situation where they'll be compromised.  Then it gets disturbing as they REALLY start to lay in to each other with the verbal and physical attacks.  But getting Crichton dressed up in a cape, goggles, and vomit pretty much makes up for everything.

Scorpius in a crazy humorous part?  Who would have thunk.


205: The Way We Weren't 2000 April 14

(First watched 2010-06-08)  I thought the non-Pilot folks overreacted a bit at the beginning.  They knew she was a Peacekeeper under the command of Crazy Crais, what were they expecting her past to be?

But really things are much more complicated.


206: Picture if You Will 2000 April 21

(First watched 2010-06-09)  Maldis sure makes an ugly woman.

Weird painting world was pretty neat.


207: Home on the Remains 2000 June 16

(First watched 2010-06-10)  I'm not sure which was the weirdest thing: A mining colony on a giant dead space creature, the bear/ape thing that walked around in it, Zhaan shooting spores, Chiana using dead space creature acid to melt a guy's arm off... That last bit looked particularly gruesome.


208: Dream A Little Dream 2000 June 23

(First watched 2010-06-28)  A planet where 90% of the people are lawyers?  That just... logistically does not work!  And they're called the Litagarans?  Come oooon!  And winning the case by trickery involving Moya sending a beam of light down from space?  How is that NOT something they'd be immediately caught on?


209: Out of Their Minds 2000 July 7

(First watched 2010-06-30)  A good old goofy body-swap episode.  This one was more complicated than the usual A<->B fare, though, instead with two A->B->C->A groups.  Wiggly head-bobby Chiana in D'Argo's body has to be the best, though.

Missed opportunity: I was expecting Moya to be among the switchers.  That would've really been something.  Though perhaps not something they'd survive.


210: My Three Crichtons 2000 July 14

(First watched 2010-07-01)  Farscape may be at its best when handling weird situations goofily as in the previous episode, but I was worried that immediately having another such episode would be too much.  However, this episode actually takes the situation seriously.  Three different types of Crichtons aren't played for laughs, but for questions of whether any of them have greater rights than the others.

No solid conclusions are really reached, though.  I mean, sure, Brain Crichton seems a bit of a douche for justifying the deaths of another Crichton for his own survival because they were dumber, but in the end didn't they justify his death for their own survival because he was douchier?


211: Look at the Princess Part I: A Kiss is But a Kiss 2000 July 21

(First watched 2010-07-02)


212: Look at the Princess Part II: I Do, I Think 2000 July 28

(First watched 2010-07-02)


213: Look at the Princess Part III: The Maltese Crichton 2000 August 4

(First watched 2010-07-02)  Now THAT was Farscape!  Character development, everyone had something to do (even if Zhaan/Pilot were shunted elsewhere), sets off Moya, action, humor!

See where Scorpius gets his uglier half.  See John marry one woman, bone another, and yet still advance his relationship with Aeryn.  See John become royalty, then give another man blessing to raise his daughter in 80 years.  See Rygel actually in his element among royalty.  See the man who voices Rygel act as a smoke man who still sounds a lot like Rygel.

See that smoke man act really stupid, though--it turned out to be mostly a front in the end, but the whole thing about killing Moya because she could produce gunships seemed really stupid.  If that was the case, wouldn't they need to kill all male Leviathans?  The problem was what she was impregnated with.  Killing her for that is like... stoning a rape victim for being impure.

I really liked the big story spread across three episodes.  Serial shows are much more interesting to watch straight through on DVD, and this brings a bit of serial to the episodic.


214: Beware of Dog 2000 August 11

(First watched 2010-07-05)  What an ugly thing--in both forms.  The less horrifying one reminded me of the aliens in Mac & Me.


215: Won't Get Fooled Again 2000 August 18

(First watched 2010-07-06)  Immediately similarities to last season's A Human Reaction are apparent.  Luckily Crichton realizes this, too, so he immediately does tests to make sure he's not in the same exact situation.

This one is much funnier throughout with people put in strange situations, until the end where it's really quite creepy.  Harvey Scorpius promising to always be there to keep John sane.  Aaaaahh!


216: The Locket 2000 August 25

(First watched 2010-07-?)  Ahh, the good old reset button.  Though they try to make it not seem pointless by saying the results of that potential future still live on.  I wonder if anything will come of that?  Aeryn's descendants pop out like a Sela on TNG?

I don't think I quite realized until now just how much slower Sebaceans age than humans.  Crichton sure makes a crotchety old man.  A bit of a cliché line, but I enjoyed his delivery of "I am too old for this shit."  Also interesting to see how head-Scorpius is still with him those many years on.

Stark is back all of a sudden.  Sure seemed to find them a lot easier than, say, the Peacekeepers do.


217: The Ugly Truth 2000 September 8

(First watched 2010-07-?)  Going through different people's versions of events seems like something I've seen on many shows.  I kind of liked the execution here, though, in that even when the stories WEREN'T contradictory there were still differences, since they wouldn't be expected to remember things exactly the same.

Speaking of exeuctions: Stark!  Though I have a feeling he isn't gone for good.


218: A Clockwork Nebari 2000 September 15

(First watched 2010-07-?)  Oh JESUS that eye-pulling thing looked painful.  OW OW OW OW OW

Once again head-Scorpius saves John from somebody else's manipulations so he can continue his own.


219: Liars, Guns and Money Part I: A Not So Simple Plan 2001 January 5

(First watched 2010-07-14)  Stark is back already, and he has a plan!  Indeed, a convoluted plan.  Which doesn't all go to plan.

D'Argo is a bit unreasonable in this episode.  When Crichton wonders if there's a safer way to go about thing he basically calls him a coward for not immediately doing everything a friend requests.  But is this really so different from the very beginning of this same episode, when D'Argo is trying to call off the search for Stark that Zhaan was hell-bent on?


220: Liars, Guns and Money Part II: With Friends Like These 2001 January 12

(First watched 2010-07-15)  So the money turns out... non-replicating Stargate replicators?  SEVERE solution to that problem, though, with the burning of Moya.

Interesting that they call back to the villains of several past episodes as people they can afford to hire (or so they think).  Special props to Rygel, though.  Buckwheat gets a small percentage of the episode to himself, unexpectedly runs into Durka, but quickly gets his HEAD.

Jothee is back!  But Crichton is not.


221: Liars, Guns and Money Part III: Plan B 2001 January 19

(First watched 2010-07-16)  Aaaand things come to fruition.  Some of their hired allies die, but our heroes survive, including Jothee.  Still, pretty unusual for a trilogy to end well for the winners and yet have the protagonist asking to be killed.


222: Die Me, Dichotomy 2001 January 26

(First watched 2010-07-19)  Ook.  Creepy John-Scorpius.  Aeryn apparently dead, though I bet she's just mostly dead.  D'Argo wants to be a farmer, Jothee doesn't and seems to like Chiana as more than a step-mom.  Crichton's brain has been cored and he can't talk.  Shit's pretty crazy.


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