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Peat Peat
Animation between the levels

Made September 22-24, 2011.

This is a de-shadowed version of the font.  It had an almost perfect surrounding of 1 pixel.  However, with the image program I'm using, trying to surround the larger versions by 3 or 9 pixels doesn't do as I intend, and doing it manually is massive pain--so for now this version.

Worth noting this is from the name entry screen, and it's not the only version of the font--even the descriptive text shown on the top screen at the time seems to use a slightly smaller font in the same style.

I made this one about a month ago as of this writing, pretty early in my current spat of HandPEAT.  So I see some things I might do differently now, but I'd rather get some of thes older ones uploaded than immediately do massive modifications that I'd probably want to re-redo sometime down the road anyway.  My methods are evolving.