Happenings: Zero Wing

'Nuff Said

How are you gang!!

Ahh, Zero Wing. The biggest thing on the Internet since Walter's Special Mission. Fondly do I remember stumbling across it at Zany Video Game Quotes a year or two back. But just recently it has come into its own. Zero Wing became a rapidly expanding balloon of 'zig'ness. And what happened? People started turning against it. If you're geek enough to be into zany video game quotes, you probably consider yourself a little different, not mainstream. So What happen? when something like Zero Wing becomes huge? People start disliking it for its popularity.

Initially I was among this group. "What you say!!", thought I, "You've taken one of our sacred relics and set it up for display for just anyone!?!" Then I realized what an ass I was being, nonconforming for the sake of nonconforming. That's just conforming. So what do I really think? Well, it is starting to get old, but the Zero Wing intro is still charming. It's still a newfound discovery for some people, and I hope they enjoy it. And hey, I enjoy faked pictures as much as anyone. Why, how about this nice self-cannibalization picture I made of I believe Hiroyuki Ito?

He'll go to great lengths to distract you from the super-secret Final Fantasy IX.

For those of you still interested in checking Zero Wing stuff out, I'll recommend a few sites. AmIAllYourBaseOrNot.com: Throw a couple fads into a bag and shake. Mr. T vs Cats: Throw two cocky hombres into a bag and shake. OverClocked's Zero Wing Dub Project: Melodramatic voice acting applied. Dig it. All Your Base Are Belong to Us History: An ongoing history of the phenom, with many more links.

Whoa. Freakily enough, this LA Times story says that Nintendo of America bought a bunch of All Your Base shirts "to give to our Japanese counterparts when they come out here later this year". Now that'd be an interesting sight at E3.

And you, Zero Wing intro? Well, I wish you the best of luck, pal. But you've only got 15 minutes, use them well. And don't forget us little guys. You know what you doing. For now, though, we've got other talented prospects training, just waiting for the right oppurtunity.

I know you'll always be there for me, Robotrek. That's what you say, but alt tags are good. Alt tags are the job.

March 22, 2001

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