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It looks like someone (Kutari?) either made a poor prediction or had a poor grasp of the actual numbers, so I compared his version with reality.


A portion of a screen capture from Google News.  I'm not sure if it's a correctly used image since she of course plays a role in diplomacy, or if it was an incorrect image use based on "rice"... I didn't check, to avoid ruining the funny.


After the 7/7 London bombings, there was this awful image released of four purported terrorists made from surveillance footage.  I thought it was so low quality it could've near-matched endless amounts of people, so I found images of celebrities that were close and through resizing/blurring tried to approach the shittiness of the original.  The size and framing of the four parts also matched the original.


And here are my terrorists in the clear: Horatio Sanz, David Blaine, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods.