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This one got some good attention, positive and negative.  I took some accurate/exaggerated comments about New Super Mario Bros. versus the older Mario platformers, and arranged them with similar things going on in the old and new screen shots.


The genesis of this is a bit distant.  I suppose he was talking about the wiimote as a boomerang, in Twilight Princess or something?  Anyway, here he is replacing Eddie Murphy.


I used ePSXe to capture screens of Threads of Fate rendered at the Ds-friendly resolution of 256x192.  To aid in the discussion of how much the lack of texture filtering is noticeable at such a resolution, the shots on the left have unfiltered textures while the ones on the right are filtered.


I don't remember if it was an analyst or company executive who said something along the lines of "People care about the successor to PS2, and Xbox to a lesser extent.  Reaction to N64 was lukewarm and GameCube is a relative flop leading to console irrelevance."  I thought it was a bit silly how positively Xbox was viewed compared to Nintendo's systems pulling similar or better numbers, so I charted each console's shipment totals with the comments about them.


Showing off Lunchtime Doubly So, and my take on it, Evil is the Job.


I think I'd generated a few predictions for DS's continued 2006 performance after the explosion early in the year.  Boy did I get not even close.


Comparing some different modifications to a Yoshi's Island pixel font.  Unlike Evil is the Job, I never got any version of this completed.


"It's like, ex-squeeze me, but have you ever heard of styling gel?"


"I'm sure Hansel's heard of styling gel, he's a male model."


"Uh, earth to Brint, I was making a joke."


"Uh, Earth to Meekus, duh, okay I knew that!"


"Uh earth to Brint, I'm not so sure you did cuz you were all 'well I'm sure he's heard of styling gel' like you *didn’t* know it was a joke!"

For humorous purpose I set a couple people's slight bickering to images of the bickering of Meekus and Brint from Zoolander.  Context provided.