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I am a nerd.  Colorshifter hat, anaglyph clip-ons, and a Griever necklace.  In a basement!


A Wii variant of the NeoGAF logo.


Amir0x's picture of the guy on the right being awkward was funny to begin with, but also inspired much variation.  I added in the awkward look from a register guy seen in store images from a few launches.  I believe the original was him nonplussed at someone taking images of a slow X360 launch.


I took Ubi's high resolution Raving Rabbids bullshot and sized it down to 852x480.  I suppose to be more accurate I should've taken it down to 640x480 then horizontally stretched it to simulate anamorphic widescreen, but at the time I wasn't sure if Wii could straight-up do 852x480 or not.


PS2 and GCN US prices from launches.


GCN's US price as a function of PS2 price as things changed over the years.


A PS3/Wii price prediction based on PS2/GCN.  Really lowballed this.


What Wii would be as a percent of PS3's price with that prediction.


A second prediction, if PS3 started at the high (ha) price of $400.


And the Wii percent in that case.


The three previous percent images combined.  My point: I think Wii will be significantly cheaper relative to PS3 than GCN was to PS2.  This turned out right, but not for the reasons I thought.


J Allard must've said something that reminded me of Doc Brown enough to make a quick crappy combination, but I can't recall what.


Part of Miyamoto's signature reminded me of Garfield's eyes.


So I saw the images of Shigeru Miyamoto and Steven Spielberg playing Wii Sports together.  So I thought to myself, "Wow, there you have one of the top men in the field of games and one of the top men in the field of movies... what if there were also top men from other fields?"  So I went fantasy and added in Freddie Mercury to represent music.


I like this.  Usually I make images for a quick gag, but this one comes out quality.  It's based on the old Final Fantasy VII magazine ad that said "Someone please get the guys who make cartridge games a cigarette and a blindfold.  Possibly the greatest game ever made is available only on PlayStation.  Good thing.  If it were available oncartridge it'd retail for around $1,200."

I shrunk it down significantly so it wouldn't overly stretch this page, but view it in full.


Based on known PS3/X360 hardware prices, an assumed Wii price of $200, $60 PS3/X360 games, and $50 Wii games, here's how many games you'd get if you spent X dollars on one system and as many games as possible.  Wii ended up being $250, but with a game packed in, so it still basically works.


Looking at the same data a different way, this divides the total cost of getting a console and X games by X, showing what the average price was per game.


An update to the Japanese sales of comparison of new models.  Here we can see GBASP, GBM, DSL, "GBA after SP", and "DS after Lite".


There was a GAF thread on how to use image tools to make only certain things in an image colored for effect.  Many people made and shared them.  This is one of four I made that day, with not-quite-cousin Emma really getting into that cake on her first birthday.


Here's another.  I thought it would be funny to make the only color in the image be GameBoy's "black and white" green screen.


Oh, the pain!  A moment that changed gaming as we know it.


Pac-Man eating Zach really stands out this way.


There was some goofy article complaining about how PSP's ability to do things like use the Internet and view images made it a danger for kids, because that opens the door to pornography.  I pretended that this was a bullet-point sort of thing to put on the box.