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An example of what the PSP Final Fantasy remake might look like if cropped down to the resolution of a single DS screen.


Our man bjork placed his fate with Takeru Kobayashi.  It did not end well, so this is yet another bjork avatar morph to express pain.


Simple comparison to show people asking whether the DS could show more or less than most SNES games.  Depends on whether splitting things up on two screens is kosher, basically.


After Nintendo unveiled the crazy-ass Captain Rainbow, I unveiled the somewhat more depressing Captain Sepia.


An illustration of what I was trying to do in JpGraph with really thin bars; I wanted to get rid of the borders, and thought showing what I was going for might help get an answer.  Not really, though.


Couldn't say the exact thing this was in response to, but I believe it was somebody talking about how loss of marketshare by the dominant player meant it was doing something wrong.  My response is that if your marketshare is really high, it's easy to have a period of drop before reaching a still-high new equilibrium.  In this case GCN took a bite out of PS2's marketshare in Japan, but was no real threat.


Oh dear.  Clearly I've modified Me & My Katamari into Me & My Penis.  I think this was the name of a documentary or something?


This shows the change in "average weeks ownership" for DS and PSP in Japan.  When DS hardware sales exploded its average went down before resuming a slower upward climb than PSP.  However, PSP's later day explosion caused its average ownership age to basically flatten, until finally the average PSP owner had had their system less time than the average DS owner.