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Alex Fraioli said he was a keen fellow and not a mujahideen.  I didn't see why he couldn't be both.


There was some news story about a collection of the world's oldest jokes.  There was one I absolutely didn't get, but thought with a little tweaking it would look more like a Professor Layton-style puzzle.


PantherLotus is a good guy, but I think his idea of combining DS and Wii remote into one future product is a bit ridiculous, and parody his image here.



So Mike Works had a thread where he'd post some simple activity to give GAFers a bit of creative competition that wouldn't necessarily take much work.  One of the first things was a simple image with a circle and a rectangle with a squiggly line.  What would we turn it into?  These were my two answers.


This appears to be a worldwide shipping comparison from times of launch for these three systems.  I believe the PS2 adjustment was to add together the first quarter of each region to create the first quarter number used here, the various second quarters to make a second quarter number, and so on.  Wii and X360 already launched worldwide within one quarter, so this was an attempt to show how PS2 did other than having a slow-ass worldwide rollout.


And for some reason a version of the image shrunk to 400 pixels wide?  For Chart Get!, I suppose.


This shows total Japanese DS software sales with time, with different colors representing software released in different years.  So we can see that, for instance, 2005 software has sold a lot in times past 2005.  There are unnatural bumps where Top 500s show up, since a lot of under-the-radar growth appears to happen all at once.


This uses similar per-year data, but puts the years in competition rather than showing it as a cumulative thing.


Sometimes something is so stupid that the response it deserves is a quiet punch to the face.


And sometimes you want to do it while using less bandwidth.


I believe this was another of the Mike Works "competitions".  The idea for this one was that since Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was a huge success, other companies would want to emulate it.  However, for budget reasons the characters and events used would be... somewhat less glamorous.  So I mixed together 90s platform wannabes Bubsy and Bonk with the Ontario Hockey League.


One of several comparisons of Wii and PSP's Japanese software performance through 2008 so far.  This one looks at the biggest first party titles between them.  Obviously we see blue Wii had some monster first party games...


...but when it came to third party games, PSP had a Monster Hunter Portable 2 G.


Illustrating Microsoft's claim of software superiority over Wii, and why it really wasn't that impressive since X360 had a lot more userbase over a much longer period to get that extra amount in.


This similarly shows that X360 third party sales were much denser early on.  The number of system-weeks to the right is clearly much more than four times the area to the left, but the software sales aren't proportionally larger.


The last of the Mike Works things I participated in before he made one that caused enough trouble to end the thread.  This one involved taking a set of old Dick Tracy comics and putting in our own text to create our own tales.  I went the route of making sure every strip had some Dick.  Good old Dicksneyland.