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I made a program that takes a 256x224 images and does the same thing to them that Nintendo's NES emulator on GBA did, to show what various things might look like going through the same process.  Also a variant of the process that doesn't have to mangle the image quite so much to fit into DS resolution.  Anyway, these are two examples using River City Ransom and Super Mario World.


Showing that Wii was keeping pace with PS2, even though PS2 at this point had had multiple price cuts.  I think I was using NA shipment data here?



Showing off my ability to make Garaph-like bars with generic data.  In this case a loose comparison of how much weight various characters got in Roddenberry Star Trek versus Abrams Star Trek.


Another use of it, but this time showing how PS360's worldwide lead over Wii had initially grown, but started to shrink when production kept increasing.


I think Wii had hit a relative low of 85k/week for April.  I showed that even if it had an entire year that low, that would still put it up there with the best years of the HD twins.


I was amused that in two May 2009 movies, Anton Yelchin takes over two previously established characters who travel back to the 1980s from some point in the future in movies from a quarter century ago.  So here's Pavel Chekov from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home quoting Kyle Reese from The Terminator.


And here's a slightly fixed version when I realized I'd left Chekov with an unchanged "w"!