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Comparison of software sales among all platforms in Japan in 2009.  Running gag that Wii is fucked.


It takes everything else put together to get close to DS.



Exaggerating peoples' complaints that NSMB Wii doesn't look much better than the DS game, I claimed that in blind testing people shown these images couldn't tell which half was from which game.


So the Epic Mickey logo reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine's M.


Through September NPD we can see DS is stronger in 2009 than 2008, while the reverse is true for Wii.


I noticed that overall, the per-person-per-week software sales for all three consoles were very similar, so mocked up what the changing totals would look like if they were really that consistent from launch.  Was hoping to compare it to a real image of software sales over that time, but didn't see one.


In a discussion about whether drivers should need to be able to read the language of where they're driving, somebody brought up a bunch of signs with a similar look but different specific text.  My point: As long as someone understands what this shape means, they're probably going to survive.


WIth the HD consoles together being slightly ahead of Wii in Media Create numbers, some were wondering if HD was finally taking over.  Of course, I needed to add in the far-less-than-SD count from DS and PSP.


With PS3 finally getting a boost from Slim, it would no longer be charting very closely with GameCube.  Someone mentioned it being the death of the "PS3=GCN LOL" comparison, so I got a newsman to do the announcement.


Seeing that they'd changed the sprites for the cell phone version of Secret of Mana, I pasted the old ones to the right of their replacements for better comparison.