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2002-02-11 20:37:14

I'm new at this, yo. Watch me ramble.

Today I worked on a VB program that fits into both of the two categories of types of programs I'm usually messing around with. A) Programs that do things nobody but me thinks has a point, and B) Ideas I say "I could make a program to do that", but don't for months or years if ever. In this case, it was a program for showing the interaction between two screen ratios. For instance, if you set one to 4:3 and the other to 5:1, it gives a graphical display of how much of the 4:3 screen would actually be used to display the 5:1 image without cropping, and vice-versa. It also shows a "compromise" ratio, where equal amounts of image would be lost to each of the ratios. For 4:3 and 5:1, for instance, the program estimates it at about... 5:2. I have it display the ratio as accurate as it can get using the integers from 1 to 20. Speaking of programming, AS/400 RPG looks ass tough. Of course, the fact that due to building confusion I missed the first four hours of class didn't help much. Tonight was my minimum wage tutoring... for a single hour. A week. Down from previously 2 hours a night twice a week, and down from previously 2 hours a night thrice a week. People not actually using the math table service + budget cuts will do that. Tonight someone actually came, though, a change from normal. I think I was able to help some, which is always nice. Can't mention a name or anything, though; such an action could put a quick end to my tuting career. Though I don't have a GBA, allow me to suggest we all give a big round of applause for the return of Super Mario World. Definitely a great game, and definitely brings back memories. Getting my N64 and GameCube were more solemn experiences, but an unexpected Christmas SNES is good cause for gleeful yelling and hair pulling! SSBM doing of day: Ganondorf Classic Hard And now I must work on Intro to Philosophy journal entry for tomorrow. Sartre and Socrates speak death. Current Mood: mellow Current Music: PC Hum <a>Original</a>