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2002-02-12 18:45:41

Nerdy issues

First off, these glasses. Just got them December 20, and I'm still getting used to them a bit. The fact that an imperceptible bend of them can cause (or cease to cause) pain and redness to a contact point is quite the new experience. Also the blocked access in the mid-face area has made my upper nose and eyebrows more oily than ever. But hey, it's a small price to pay for the vast visual enhancements. Second off, programming. I HOPE things are finally set for this class. First it was set to be two evenings a week for 2 hours, teacher yet unknown. Then it was teacher determined, but one 3 hour evening and 1 hour morning. However, I couldn't figure out where class was meeting; several others made the same mistake as me the first time, which was going to the computer center's CC101 rather than the communications building's C101, but evidently they'd gotten things figured out before I did, so I was really confused when I was the only one to show up for the second class. So I get things straightened out and get to the third class, but of course having missed the first 4 hours I'm a bit lost. Then tonight I come in for the evening class (6:30-9:20) and learn that I missed an email sent out noonish; now the class will meet one night, 6:00-10:00 PM, and no longer will we be taught by Barry Sullens, but Steve Spieth. We got out earlier than 10, though, as can be evidenced by the fact that I'm out of class and posting this before 10 PM. While in class on computers in minutes of free time, though, I learned of something nifty; ICQ Lite. I'd been hoping for something like this! Use your ICQ list online, rather than just crappily sending a message to a single person through a web interface and not easily getting a response unless they're on and you can get a chat going. ICQ Lite seems to work pretty well. I can't quite vouch for how long it should take mortals to load, as I've only used it with school's broadband, though. Does anyone know how one could use a non-default picture when posting using the downloadable Windows LJ program? Or was that just not fully implemented? It seems to have a dropdown box, but I can only choose from the giant list of "(default)". ADDED: I see now that's what the keywords are for. I'd just thought those meant that if I used some certain words, it'd switch to that picture. Current Mood: nerdy Current Music: PC Hum <a>Original</a>