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2002-02-14 18:30:48

Eclectile dysfunction

"Researchers hope singer Barry White may encourage sharks to mate." I read lots of strange news stories via <a>Fark</a> each day, but not all of them have such a single entertaining sentence. Taken from <a>this</a> story. Tales of Phantasia of day: half hour or so at Odin's, leveling and gaining some protective items. Time about 23.5 hours. SSBM of day: Classic Zelda/Sheik Hard My continuing playing with video compression has led to my best Space Ghost results yet. The same 352x288 resolution as the original with decent-ish quality (noticeably not as good as the original, though), the exact same audio (trying to compress it further caused the sound to go all slow and evil-sounding), and the 11:45 episode became a 6.65 MB file. Playing with the <a>VP3</a> codec this time. Were I to implement the feature of my choice into LJ, it would be message categories, with different handling for each. That way I could, say, have a "Game Progress" setting which a friend could ignore so as not to clutter up their Friends page with a bunch of things that they just don't care to read about, bumping down other messages off the page. There's no good reason for me to set those things to Private so that only I can see them. I guess as long as they tend to hide themselves within a larger message like this, they won't be too bothersome. Some people jokingly refer to today as Vincent Valentine's day or some such, but I'd like to make it known that as long as we're pulling in Square characters, my support goes for Threads of Fate's Valen. Not that he's much greater than FF VII's Valentine, but Threads doesn't get as much credit as I think it deserves, not coming from a hugeass and long-lasting series. Adult Swim repeat tonight. Reminds me, they skipped over an episode again. But rather than just skipping, they looped back like several weeks' worth, back to Jupiter Jazz. Especially annoying since Al warned me (between episodes the first time they skipped it) that it was groovy, and it's now the only episode that I haven't seen. Current Mood: pleased Current Music: Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror <a>Original</a>