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2002-02-15 21:11:24

Loud obnoxious hand tower dancing girls.

I think my dad and brother watched A Knight's Tale a bit too loud; at least, loud enough to be heard in the basement, as well as the other TV-equipped room upstairs where I watched the first of TNN's Next Generations. I chose not to watch, but I have a general comment that I feel confident enough in making from advertisements and the AMAZING VOLUME GOING THROUGH THE KITCHEN, TAKING TWO CORNERS, AND ENTERING MY EAR: I have a feeling the movie doesn't properly capture the linguical essence of the time period it's set in. Understandably so, as they wanted the movie to be understandable to a mass modern audience. But in the end, it just means they end up with some pseudo-fancy-archaic speaking in accents. But hell, it's not like the movie's music was even meant to be period-based. *Realizes* Not the first time Queen music has been used for swordsman type characters. Hmm... and then there's the first few Ogre Battle games' names being Queen-ripped. I wonder what we should make of all this? Saw Space Ghost episode "Pal Joey" today. Nice; I'd been thinking it might be interesting to see them interact more with a live-action person, moreso than putting guests in viewscreens, the dog in China Town, or the lame comic in telethon. Joey is verily the incarnation of a big SGC2C fan. Joey: "I Love Beans". You know, that song means so much to me. Brak: Well, y'know, I wrote that song while I was eatin' some beans. Joey: That's awesome. SSBM doing of day: Roy Classic Hard. My continued failed attempts at Event 50 have at least made going against a single hand (usually) in Classic seem easy by comparison. As far as Event 50 itself goes, I have destroyed one hand several times, but by that time have a plenty high percentage. Tales of Phantasia of day: Fought through "O Tower" (to be needlessly vague; I can't think of why someone who hasn't played the game and is actually reading my updates on these would need a specific name anyway). At least throughout that place, Arche became a real 5th wheel. Cless is the main character, I couldn't get him out of the party if I wanted. Mint and only Mint heals, so she's a must. Chester's pretty buff now physically, and especially here where he had an elementally useful bow. That leaves Arche and Klarth generally used for multi-enemy spells, and here Klarth's were 2+ times as powerful. Dance Dance of day: Got out of breath. Duh. MST3K tomorrow is The Girl in the Gold Boots. "Do you sell plastic blue pith helmets here?" Current Mood: sleepy <a>Original</a>