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2002-02-18 22:08:12

Shorts, and then not so

Sooo, GCN arcade hardware. Nifty, even if arcades haven't played a very big role in years. <nowiki>*watches bit of Olympics* Who knew "Canadian Chris Kataan Lookalikes Skating to Michael Jackson Music and Trying to Make His Fall Look Like Part of the Routine" was an Olympic event? News to me. *watches latest Enterprise* You can always count on dreams for a cheap laugh. Stinky.</nowiki> I think the N64's Bio Tetris or whatever should be combined with the Bemani series, to make a game where you try to control your heart rate so it beats to the music. Aunt Joyce was tossing stuff out today; picked up a uhh... wooden thing. Should be a better replacement for my downstairs systems table at home. Tis a bit wider and perhaps deeper, which would allow for generally less clutter. If the SNES wasn't sideways to keep the PSX balanced on its side, it might be able to fit with the rest again (it'd still have to share a connector with N64, though). Shorter, which doesn't help any but at least doesn't hurt. Also has a second wooden platform a few inches above the floor; probably a good place for controllers, though SNES games might put up a fight. At any rate, a few inches up beats controllers sitting on the floor, especially when the basement has been known to flood. Today I worked on a VB program that fits into both of the two categories of types of programs I'm usually messing around with. A) Programs that do things nobody but me thinks has a point, and B) Ideas I say "I could make a program to do that", but don't for months or years if ever. In this case, it was a program for messing with relations of dates. For one, it tells how many days there have been since that date. For another, it can mirror a date, going back as much further as it has been since. For example, mirroring my August 7, 1982 birth, I currently get January 23, 1963. With a second date, it can switch the ages. For example, I'll stick in Kouban's birth as the second. The very last digit I'm not remembering exactly, so I'll just be precise-esque. He was my current age early May 1999 (pre-Phantom), and I'll be his current age early December 2004. I hope to do some expanding on this program, as well as make things a bit less dependent on the easy way I've been doing some of the calculations. It works great, but the basic Date type as used in VB will only get me so far; I expect anyone using this would be most likely to use times close to now, but I still don't like on principle times only within a thousand or so years of now working. My GCN playings of last few days: Rogue Leader. Current Mood: sleepy Current Music: One Hand Clapping <a>Original</a>