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2002-02-19 19:12:52

No, brain, you can't come out and play.

Used WinXP for the first time yesterday. It's like Win9X, but tossed in a blender along with blue coloring. Progress continues on my age time date thingy program. I'm considering several alternatives for how to store groups of data for when things happened in thing/person Z's life for use in a related program. I just think "What Z was doing at this point in his/her/its life." would make a good alternative to "This Day In History". Headache. Curse and boon. It will get me to bed before 10:30 for the first time in a long time, not counting afternoon naps on particulary sleep-deprived days. Whether it is glasses-related is yet to be determined. And if that's a hyphen, my typing skills are doing alright; giving my eyes a rest while typing this. RPG went well today; again we left class early. Only had 2 of the scheduled 4 hours. Bilbo concept art for GCN Hobbit game is funky looking. Tired and such and head and will go bed. But first I'll get in my Rogue Leader of the day. Current Mood: blah <a>Original</a>