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2002-02-23 18:56:26

Mushrooms >= dirt

Last night's dream another real weirdy. But I can't remember enough specific detail... but it involved crime (which later turned out to maybe have not happened), dogs (maybe sometimes talking, even), and horror at accidentally and irreversibly turning a few people almost completely into ants using a matter transportation device. Always catch something new on MST3K. Quite the cracker jack prize today when I noticed for the first time a small Prince of Space reference in Devil Fish. Woo. Speaking of MST3K people, Darkstar indeed seems real. Just really, really weird. On a general note, my brain gets the words philandery and philanthropy mixed up. Makes for some big misunderstanding. <nowiki>*crusing* Chuck Jones dead? Heinous.</nowiki> I finally got some DC DivX working. It took turns between freezing, record-like skipping, getting off synch between audio and video, and working fine. It's a start. Adult Swim Saturday begins in about an hour. Nifty. I write short lines. Moving thing which you've forgotten has screws on it, then seeing them quickly roll, and mistaking them for some sort of small beetle is scary. Rogue Leader: Silver on Endor. Whooo. Tried once at Bespin, did pretty good except for accuracy way below what needed. Current Mood: hopeful Current Music: Kiss - God Gave Rock And Roll <a>Original</a>