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2002-02-24 21:11:23

P. Johnson = The Job

Jesus P. Johnson, Rock & Bullwinkle and Popeye have taken Cowboy Bebop's old time slots in Sunday Adult Swim? Visual Basic played today, but it was nothing too exciting; just a good smooth image downsizer. I'd done a similar thing before as part of my Peating program, but that sub used too many conventions from that particular program, making it not very good for general use. This one currently only works for integer downsizing (1/2 or 1/3, say, as opposed to 1/2.45), which is the main thing I wanted to do anyway, to simulate full-screen anti-aliasing. Will probably add in the more generalized other way anyway, though, for completeness. I welcome the <a>Khinsath</a>, for I generated his starting code. He was interested in LJ pretty much as soon as I showed him mine, but until I could generate a code, and then until he was sure he wanted my code so as not to waste it, he just wrote stuff offline, which was all put up tonight. I go read it now. SSBM doing of day: Classic Link Hard. Also beat 9 wireframes on Cruel Melee with Roy, which earned me my 273rd trophy. Current Mood: sleepy <a>Original</a>