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2002-03-29 23:00:23


One important thing about FF VII I failed to mention yesterday is how the "save/load successful" ring reminds me of some song. I'm guessing latter 80s but not positive. And I have no clue at all what it is. Hot off of yesterday's success with FF VIII FMV comes badness with FF VII FMV. It's all jerky; doesn't improve my vast love of pre-rendered video any. I blame the disc, as it matters not what sick position the PSX poses in. I've never played fully through with this disc set, but I don't recall this problem before; musta got a bit scratched up in its not infrequent trips to the PC CD-ROM drive. <nowiki><pre>_</pre>;</nowiki> Whaddya know, an advantage of multi-disc games: the problem might not last throughout the whole thing. Got out of Midgar today. Timer 5:58. The first time I played through this stuff, I didn't like it so much. Or at least didn't want to allow myself to. But then, I was a bitter Nintendo fan trying to act old-school from my experience with FF VI. Then: "Not getting to world map for several hours? Urrr! Where's the world exploration!?" Now: "Midgar rocks. It's its own self-contained world, and the first few hours could pass as a mini-RPG by itself." Then: "Motorcycling? Snowboarding? THIS IS AN RPG." Now: "Fun and funny diversions. Variety is the job." Gotsta sleep. We're taking off to visit relatives that live in Indianapolis (~100 miles away) in about 7 hours. MST3K tomorrow (which I shall probably tape by necessity): Time Chasers. Actually probably one of the better bad movies they've had. Of course, I found George Foreman as Time Boxer the very peak of entertainment. But really, seems the movie was made on small budget in mostly spare time with who could be found, won some small award, and it was the very purchasing of the rights for MST3K which nudged it over the line of profitability. Meet Eddie, Mike's younger, drunker, nicotinier brother, and decide if you want to be a team player or not. Phantasy Star Online's numbering system is even crappier than its gameplay. First, there was Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast. Then, there was Phantasy Star Online v2 for Dreamcast. So far, so good. Now, there will be Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 for GameCube. No, the 1 & 2 don't mean everything from versions 1 and 2; 2 already had that. Instead, Episode 1 means "Version 1 and 2", and Episode 2 means the even newer stuff for the GCN version. But hey, regardless, it and the related peripherals of modem and keyboard finally have Japanese release dates. Plus there's actually going to be a system bundle with it. Nifty. Paper makes a nice make-shirt bloodstopper for the lazy man. After a casual scratch of the leg unearths some scab and then some, I've got meself a trickle, which will not be appeased by mere spit and fingers. Enter the triangular rip of paper. It's still there, hours later. It's like my own, lame, extremely miniature and not surrounding, cast. Whoa. In addition to an arcade port Beach Spikers, seems the old Virtua Fighter RPG is reborn on GameCube. The last several days have had bigger Sega/Nintendo news than the entire preceding year. Current Mood: happy Current Music: MC Frontalot - Rewind <a>Original</a>