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2002-04-04 01:17:00 ET 2002-04-03 22:22:22 PT

Hail Eris!

Grandma is making some changes due to a few problems she's been having. Finally, she's trying to cut down and work towards quitting smoking. Then there are the various conflicting food advisories from the different sheets of paper. Like, get plenty of calcium. But don't have dairy products. And have complex carbohydrates. But most of them are separately listed as things to avoid. Hopefully she can get things straightened out a bit tomorrow. Also of note is the fun home stool and saliva collecting she'll be doing, to get sent off for testing. It's not every day you get to collect your feces, and try to swoosh it up as best as possible with some liquid in a tube thing. Though I guess there's nothing stopping us. Drove. Tomorrow in State & Local Politics we begin the Camelot role-playing thingy. I'm the director of the state chapter of the ACLU. Doesn't look like I'm a key participant in the first few events we'll hit tomorrow, though. As I learned in Experiencing the Arts today, though Beat It shares a few key characteristics with J.S. Bach's pieces from the Baroque period, it doesn't work very well on piano. Was asked to make some math haikus. Here's what I've come up with:
It's a theory. Derive, backwards, integrate It's fundamental. Can't imagine it Square root of negative one But it seems to work Two pi radius Pi, radius: a great team. Pi radius squared Four times pi r squared Pi, radius: In 3D! Four thirds pi r cubed
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