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2002-04-06 00:13:00 ET 2002-04-05 21:09:02 PT

The deranged female is on the room's level base.

Wow. I thought Skies of Arcadia was pretty fun, but its big fans can have a blast; thanks to creative delaying of ports, it looks like they might have a chance to call it the best game of 2000 (DC), 2002 (GCN), and 2003 (PS2). MST3K tomorrow: Danger: Diabolik Sex, murder, thievery, and very repetitive music. The last episode they made. I wish IE was smart about image loading. Like, when there are assloads, don't try to get them all at once, and end up with a few complete, a few half-complete and stopped, and a bunch of red X's. If I take my time I can go through right-clicking and Show Picture-ing them all, it's not like it couldn't take things sensibly slow as well, but without so much user work. It's your job to do the grunt work, computer. Zeus, what point have I reached where two mouse-clicks is grunt work? Last Saturday eve I tried a little something which I don't think I recounted here. I've mentioned my ongoing quest to make my activities at opposite sides of the day work out well. Well, I decided to make myself a little drink. Tea concentrate, barely watered down, with a couple spoonfuls of sugar. I twitch now even thinking about the taste. But today, I was presented with a new hope for tomorrow eve. I have a can of Whoop Ass. No shit. Ma saw 'em somewhere. Some energy drink that has ginseng and royal jelly in it. Royal jelly worked well enough for the Secret of Mana crew. Speaking of jelly, tried the quince with some crunchy peanut butter on a sandwich. Didn't strike me as particularly good or bad, but filled its purpose as jelly. Also causing judging problems was the slightly overaged bread. And speaking of peanut butter, I want more variations (of course). Crunchy and creamy is too black and white for me; gimme some grays. I'd like to try a chunky that has slightly smaller chunks; still nutful, but slightly less bread-ripping in its strength. Biz-arre! <a>KISS Colorforms</a>! I keep getting ICQ spam for "Barley legal teen cheerleaders" I must not have been as secure as I thought participating in those agrophiliac forums. Rogue Leader: Skill enhancing. Current Mood: cheerful Current Music: MC Frontalot - Speed Queen <a>Original</a>