MacGyver Season 2

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MacGyver Season 1

SPOILERS TOTAL.  You've been warned.


201: The Human Factor 1986 September 22

(First watched 2008-06-24)  Decent setup, but it reminds me of the first episode of last season.  That is, no real "bad guy", just Mac against a secure building gone wrong.  In this case it's in the form of a security test which goes wrong, so things become really lethal.  I enjoyed the defense robots which looked like short cheap plastic Daleks, though the closest they got to "EXTERMINATE!" was the computer using the word "eliminate".

Dana Elcar's first show as a regular cast member.

Trick of the show: Flaming magnets to set the heat-seeking defense robots against each other was nice, but I kinda like the simplicity of using plaster scrapings to trick the palm identification machine.


202: The Eraser 1986 September 29

(First watched 2008-06-30)  Naive MacGyver gets friendly with a tricky hitman while searching for a lawbreaker, then must help said lawbreaker avoid being killed, and then helps the hitman avoid being killed for not doing the killing.

Trick of the show: The improvised rocket/battering ram to knock down a door was pretty useful.


203: Twice Stung 1986 October 6

(First watched 2008-09-something)  They try to con the con-man... but basically end up framing them for a different situation?  Doesn't seem very legal.

Trick of the show: Getting a woman to open her shirt when she thinks he needs her buttons for a real trick?