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Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest I GBC

Hiro.  Simple name pun, worked with the 4 letter limit.

Dragon Quest II GBC

Yuki.  For lack of anything better, took the name Hiroyuki and cut off the part I'd already used.

Dragon Quest III GBC

Saki.  Continuing with the theme, I decided to use as much as possible of Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai's last name.

Dragon Quest IV NES

Gordon.  With an unrelated game story came an unrelated name.  Gordon means "round hill", but why I thought it appropriate for the hero's name, search me.

Dragon Quest V SNES

Elliott.  As the names for DQ 1-3 connected, so I decided to do the same between 4 and 5, so Gordon Elliott was the inspiration.

Dragon Quest VI SNES

Shumway.  Well, Gordon Elliott didn't leave much room for growth, and I couldn't find his middle name, so I took Gordon in another direction.  That's Gordon Shumway of Melmac, also known as Alf.

Dragon Quest VII PS1

Meredith.  A fresh start for an unrelated game.  So named after Stargate Atlantis's Rodney McKay's real first name.

Dragon Quest VIII PS2

Rodney.  I know 7-8-9 isn't a trilogy like 1-2-3 or 4-5-6, but I still wanted some naming continuity.


Glory of Heracles DS

Sorbo.  You start as an amnesiac character who may or may not be Heracles.  You give him a name as people want to refer to him as something, so I named him after Kevin Sorbo who played Hercules in the 1990s TV show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Mass Effect Xbox 360

Fischer Sheppard.  Since the fixed last name of every character is a variant spelling of an animal-based profession, I decided the first name should be that way too.

Star Trek Online As a game with a ton of people/vessels to name, it has its own page.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Xbox

Lacto Bacili.  This one's a bit convoluted.  Many years ago there was a segment on The View where they discussed this vaginal bacteria, lactobacilli.  Great, right?  But then-host of Talk Soup John Henson's joke response was that it sounded like someone who would work with Boba Fett.  So this is kind of my go-to ridiculous Star Wars-sounding name.