Old Faithful (PS3)

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In Vinnk's Village reports, we learned of Hiro, owner of small game store Famicom Dojo.  He was very proud to get a PS3 for his store at launch, considering how low supply was.  And then... it didn't sell.  And didn't sell.  After enough visits seeing it, Vinnk began to refer to it as Old Faithful.  Eventually, Old Faithful was sold.

However... it was then sold back to the store by the owner.


Years later I was wondering what became of it.  Vinnk reports:

2009-09-04, 7:44 PM EDT

Old faithful sold pretty quick after the BC models were discontinued. I think the store owner sold it on yahoo auctions for a fairly nice profit. After that he got a 40 gb white one that stayed for about 2 months. A several used PS3s have come and gone since then but he no longer stocks new units.

Despite the hype he decided not to stock the slim at all.

I am still kicking myself for not buying old reliable. When I finally did buy a PS3 I could only get an 80gb with no BC. The 60 and 20gb models were going for hundreds more at the time (they have since dropped a bit but are still expensive).