Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All Impressions

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February 11, 2007

Early this morning I started up Justice For All.  As a fan of the original, it felt very familiar.  It basically feels like an expansion pack; play is almost identical, as is the GUI, and many audio/visual elements are reused.  Thus far I've noticed these gameplay modifications:

  • In the first game you'd have a set number of big mistakes you could make in a trial before it ended.  Now there's a bar; I guess this gives a chance to give different circumstances different weights of importance?
  • Previously, you could only Present a piece of evidence.  Now, you can Present a person's profile.

Perhaps there will be more, but I've only gone through the first, shortest, one day trial.  I've done no investigating yet.  The idea for the beginning is pretty ingenious; Phoenix has amnesia, which thus gives the game an excuse for him to relearn the basics.  It probably makes things much easier for gamers who haven't played the first game, too; they start out no more confused than the protagonist.

It's more of the same, but the old same was fun, so here's hoping.

Added later in the day: one more gameplay addition has become apparent.

  • The Psyche-Lock system.  Essentially you gain the ability to tell when someone is hiding something outside of a trial, and can cross-examine them on the spot to try to dig for the truth.

One thing I am disappointed about is that I've already run into two spelling errors.  I expect someone to catch these things.  I have to learn to live with "alot" and "defiantly" instead of "definitely" on the Internet, but this is a professional product and these things should be caught.  The text is the biggest part of this game, so it should be well checked.  So far I've noticed "starting" in place of "staring", and "alter" where it should've been "altar".