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ProTH is an Internet handle I used to go by, short for Professional Treasure Hunter.  It was my way of using something related to Final Fantasy VI's Locke, while still being something unique.

Issues I ran into with this name:

  • Less unique than intended.  With the internal capitalization, sure, but as it turns out there would be people like "Paul Roth" getting email addresses.  Also Proth is an uncommon surname.  That there are Proth primes in math is pretty cool.
  • People who would shorten it to Pro.  Just weird like shortening Josh to Jo.
  • Though the internal capitalization made sense considering the combined words, it is uncomfortably close to something completely stupid like AwEsOmEgUy.

Nowadays I generally just use my own name, though I've come to use a derivative of the ProTH name for an increasing number of games where Joshua seems toooo plain.  Translating into French, Google gives me:

Professional Treasure Hunter -> Chasseur de Trésor Professionnels

Using my prerogative to make he name pronounceable I put the Pro back in front, left only the capital at the front of the name, and came out with Procht.  Soft ch, not sounding like the beginning of proctologist, thank you very much.  Though it turns out like Proth before it, this too is an uncommon surname!  D'oh!