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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 6

SPOILERS TOTAL. You've been warned.

701: Image in the Sand 1998 September 30

(First watched 2008-09-23)  Hey, promotion for Kira.  Also a new Dax... who's definitely different and wasn't even planning on being a host.  Also the Prophets took a hell of a long time to say anything to Ben, but being nonlinear maybe it doesn't seem that way to them.  But... ancient Bajoran on a piece of his mother's jewelry, saying Orb of the Emissary?  Crazy how far back this stuff actually goes for him.

702: Shadows and Symbols 1998 October 7

(First watched 2008-09-23)  So... Sisko is not just the fated Emissary, but the Prophets had a hand in his very conception?  Yikes, he's in this deep.

With Sisko hearing voices, I was worried he was still unconscious after that knife attack.  However, that didn't make sense since they introduced a new Dax in that time.  That it was Benny!  That ties things together.  This time, Benny is paired with a de-prostheticed Damar.

So Quark joins in on the attack for Jadzia's entrance into Sto-vo-kor.  OK... but what does he actually do on the ship?

703: Afterimage 1998 October 14

(First watched 2008-09-24)

704: Take Me Out to the Holosuite 1998 October 21

(First watched 2008-09-28)  As long as they're getting away from seriousness and war for a moment, this was pretty funny.

I liked some of the details on the Niners baseball uniforms.  Their names on the back used the DS9 show title font.  The combination of baseball stitching curve and DS9 pylon curve went pretty well, too.  I wonder, was Garak supposed to have cooked that up?

Rom looks naked without his head scarf thing on.

705: Chrysalis 1998 October 28

(First watched 2008-09-30)  The mutants are back!  I love how worried they are about the impending (60-70 trillion years) crunch of the universe.

706: Treachery, Faith and the Great River 1998 November 4

(First watched 2008-10-something)  Multiple Weyouns!  One of them a decent guy, if still wrongheaded about certain things.  So I wonder if there's any sort of memory preservation thing going on between Vorta clones?  The new Weyouns seem to have gotten up to speed and right in place pretty quick, though that could just be the reality of it being a tricky thing for the writers/actor to NOT do.

Nog... combining the Ferengi ways with Starfleet goals.

707: Once More Unto the Breach 1998 November 11

(First watched 2008-10-06)  So Kor has lost his influence, but wants to go out like a warrior.  Okay.  But he's senile, and screws things up.  He eventually dies his warriors' death, but they would've been in less dire straits to begin with if he hadn't bungled up part of their attack by thinking he was back in the 23rd century.  Goodbye, first major Klingon!

708: The Siege of AR-558 1998 November 18

(First watched 2008-10-06)  In short: being stuck on the frontline sucks.

So I really wonder what Quark was doing there.  Yeah, as a character they need to find stuff for him to do even in wartime, but what was the Nagus expecting him to learn that would be useful in a profit-making sense?  Well, I guess from the Nagus's point of view it's not a very big risk, since it's just one not-him man.

So minus one leg for Nog.

709: Covenant 1998 November 25

(First watched 2008-10-06)  Dukat is nuts.  Even moreso after becoming a religious convert to the pah-wraith.  Real-life scary how easily the other believers accept his thin lies until the end.

I love how Empok Nor is always presented as tilted sideways.  Of course in space up and down is relative so it doesn't make much sense on its own, but as a way to differentiate from DS9 and show that things are skewed it's great.

710: It's Only a Paper Moon 1998 December 30

(First watched 2008-10-15)  Has any character gone through more changes in this series than Nog?  Well, other than Dax being a completely different person, which is cheating.  Nog has gone from the troublemaking son of the bartender's brother to a Starfleet war veteran with a replacement leg.

The main cast wasn't in this one too much, though I enjoyed seeing them rag on Bashir's various holosuite programs.

An interesting episode not only for Nog running away from reality, but for Vic running to it.  He's supposed to be helping Nog, but when talking to Ezri realizes he's loving being on all the time so much that he's just having a great time being with Nog.  Even so, he forces Nog out, making his own sacrifice so Nog can live a life for both of them, in a way.  However, Nog shows his gratitude by actually getting Vic left on 26/7.  That doesn't seem a very Quark thing to agree to, which I suppose is why we don't see him acquiescing to it on screen.

711: Prodigal Daughter 1999 January 6

(First watched 2008-10-16)  This would've been crazy enough in a show that takes place on Earth.  But the coincidence of O'Brien's bad buddy's wife crossing paths with Ezri's family must be trillions to one!?

I thought Bilby had kids, too.  We know the wife got killed, but what happened to them?  Before seeing the episode I thought the title would refer to a daughter of his.

712: The Emperor's New Cloak 1999 February 3

(First watched 2008-10-16)  The Grand Nagus going to the mirror universe in search of profit... is actually pretty believable.

Rom is in high stupid form this episode, constantly being confused by how everything is supposed to be the same but different.

Vic!  Real and... killed by Julian.

713: Field of Fire 1999 February 10

(First watched 2008-10-something)

714: Chimera 1999 February 17

(First watched 2008-10-something)

Oh crap, Laas was Martok's actor?  I wouldn't have known.

715: Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang 1999 February 24

(First watched 2008-10-21)

716: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges 1999 March 3

(First watched 2008-10-22)

717: Penumbra 1999 April 7

(First watched 2008-10-23)

718: 'Til Death Do Us Part 1999 April 14

(First watched 2008-10-23)  Good luck on that marriage, Ben and Kassidy.  Prophets say you're boned (in a bad way).

719: Strange Bedfellows 1999 April 21

(First watched 2008-10-something)

720: The Changing Face of Evil 1999 April 28

(First watched 2008-10-something)

721: When It Rains... 1999 May 5

(First watched 2008-10-25)

722: Tacking Into the Wind 1999 May 12

(First watched 2008-10-26)

723: Extreme Measures 1999 May 19

(First watched 2008-10-26)

724: Dogs of War 1999 May 26

(First watched 2008-10-26)

725 & 726: What You Leave Behind 1999 June 2

(First watched 2008-10-28)  Most of this episode was a good conclusion and sent the characters off in appropriate directions.  However, I was disappointed with the abrupt conclusion of the Emissary/Sisko vs Dukat storylines, considering the buildup.  In decreasing chronological importance: it was responsible for Ben Sisko's existence, has been a part of the show for seven years, Sisko and Dukat were last seen in a very antagonistic way but it's been over a year, and throughout this whole "Final Chapter" we've seen Dukat working with Winn to free the Pah-wraiths.  All of that, and this final fight of good and evil comes down to Dukat forcing Sisko to his knees, then getting tackled off a cliff into fire once distracted?  However, execution aside, I did both like Dukat ending up the Pah-wraith Emissary, and Winn finally doing the right thing at the very end.

Of all the various goodbyes and separations in this episode, the one that struck me as saddest was Ben and Jake Sisko.  Let's just hope that Jake handles it a bit better than he did in The Visitor.