Star Trek: Phase II

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The fan series formerly known as Star Trek: New Voyages.


Pilot: Come What May 2004 January 16

(First watched 2008-03-01)  Admittedly at this time I've seen TOS less than any of the modern Trek shows, so I am perhaps not the best judge of how accurately these guys mimic its particular style.  However, I'm sorry that for a show that claims to be trying to continue on as if TOS hadn't been cancelled, it falls into the same sort of trap Enterprise often did: wanting to reference things from the future.  This episode both had an appearance by a Borg ship and had Kirk and Spock see visions of the future, giving the actors reason to recreate snippets of movies Star Trek I through Generations.

I said above I'm not the best judge of TOS-ishness, but it certainly did seem to be going for the proper campy/goofy tone more present in the 60s show than more modern versions of the franchise.  The CG was decent for a low-budget job, and the sets for the most part seem like nice recreations.  The acting... not so much.

But hey, this is the pilot episode.  They don't even have a listing for it in their official episode list, so maybe even they consider it a big test run.

There were a few guest appearances from minor TOS actors, and I know bigger ones appear in the future.  I know this is a "fan" production, but some of the people working on it must have the right connections to get such support from the get-go.


01: In Harm's Way 2004 October 8

(First watched 2008-03-02)  Not bad.  Like a Yesterday's Enterprise for TOS, except this time the temporary timeline put a Klingon on the bridge instead of taking one off.

Again it took advantage of referencing future things, though, by having an appearance from future Star Trek VI-ish era Kirk, Spock, and Enterprise-A.


02: To Serve All My Days 2006 November 23

(First watched 2008-03-31, 04-01)  Interesting.  I can see how it would be appealing to Koenig, both being a Chekov-heavy episode, and one where most of his scenes are sitting down talking.

I may not be the #1 master of continuity, but it seems that Chekov dying at the end kinda contradicts what we know to be the future of Star Trek.  Perhaps this will be taken care of in the next episode?

Unrelated to Chekov, interesting to see both the old and new aspects of Klingons.  Usually the 1960s style makeup and the 1990s style "honor society" didn't mix.