Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3

SPOILERS TOTAL. You've been warned.

401: The Best of Both Worlds 1990 September 24

402: Family 1990 October 1

Not that it's a bad thing, but this has to be the... least perilous episode of Star Trek ever. There's no real danger to anyone that goes beyond the level of "Will my parents embarrass me?"

403: Brothers 1990 October 8

Data can imitate a man's voice well enough to trick the computer... but still can't whistle.

404: Suddenly Human 1990 October 15

405: Remember Me 1990 October 22

The rare strong Dr. Crusher episode. Decently strong for both Crushers, really, as it also advances the story about Wesley having special abilities.

406: Legacy 1990 October 29

407: Reunion 1990 November 5

Kids grow fast. Klingon kids apparently grow super fast.

408: Future Imperfect 1990 November 12

The double fake totally makes this episode.

409: Final Mission 1990 November 19

410: The Loss 1990 December 31

The rare Troi-heavy episode, but she really irritates me here. She has a problem, and goes through the annoying phases of "I don't have a problem!", "Talk to a counselor!? Are you nuts!?", "Stop trying to be so understanding, assholes!", "It's impossible for you to understand, assholes!", and "Now that I have as few superpowers as you guys, I'm worthless!"

The 2D creatures affecting the ship are an interesting sci-fi idea. Though it does seem a relatively low threat phenomenon. I mean, yes, they get to within a few minutes of ship destruction, but why? Given their 2Dness and the angle they seemed to be intersecting the ship at, it seems like they could've done a saucer separation and at least saved the crew on one half. Of if that wasn't possible, shuttles and escape pods.

411: Data's Day 1991 January 7

412: The Wounded 1991 January 28

413: Devil's Due 1991 February 4

414: Clues 1991 February 11

415: First Contact 1991 February 18

416: Galaxy's Child 1991 March 11

417: Night Terrors 1991 March 18

Some nitpicks:

  • Humanoid species are SO SO SO incredibly alike that even their dream systems are almost all identical and cause the same effects when disrupted in the same way?
  • The crew of the Brattain all murdered each other. OK, I can see that. But the bridge crew got murdered while sitting in their seats? I can see a surprise phaser blast getting someone, but so many?
  • Somehow it seems funny that what the mystery alien ship was really short on was the most common element in the universe.

418: Identity Crisis 1991 March 25

419: The Nth Degree 1991 April 1

420: Q-Pid 1991 April 22

421: The Drumhead 1991 April 29

422: Half a Life 1991 May 6

423: The Host 1991 May 13

424: The Mind's Eye 1991 May 27

425: In Theory 1991 June 3

426: Redemption 1991 June 17

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5