Stargate Atlantis Season 3

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311: The Return (Part 2) 2007 April 13

(First watched 2007-04-13)  Great stuff.  Of all of O'Neill's appearances on Stargate since he stopped being a regular, this was the most back-to-form.  He wasn't primarily a voice, or standing around in a fancy suit being a general, but actually stuck in a deadly situation and getting somewhat involved in the solution.  "It’s not the first time I’ve had a hand in my head, as it were."  Robert Picardo as Woolsey is great as always, and the use of him to trick the Pegasus Replicators was nice.

Though they didn't show it onscreen I assume the destruction of the middle stop in the Pegasus-Milky Way gate bridge went through.  Like Dr. Lee said, what a shame... though it seems like something that would be relatively easy to fix if they only got rid of the middle set of gates.

Good fun seeing all the Atlantis crew working together in a hostile environment, though it continues to feel a lot like SG-1's season 1 cliffhanger two-parter.  Still, we don't often see Weir or Beckett get into the action.

I was not expecting it when they dropped off the package and blew up the main control room.  "Holy shit, they blew up their main set!" I said to myself.  An expected cheat that the replicators were able to quickly rebuild it, though.


312: 2007 April 20

(First watched 2007-04-20)  Naming the whale Sam... Rodney is so obsessed.


313: Irresponsible 2007 April 27

(First watched 2007-04-27)  At first it seemed it was going to be a rehash of Irresistable.  However, by combining two existing guest characters in Lucius and Kolya, something new was synthesized.  Is Kolya really dead now?  It sure seemed like it, but these things often find a way of reversing themselves on Stargate.

Kolya had a great line when the various members of Sheppard's team were volunteering to be the first to be shot.  Something like "That's so touching.  I wish I could shoot you all at the same time."


314: The Tao of Rodney 2007 May 4

(First watched 2007-04-27)  I'll take any excuse to get some Rodney.  Nice to see another side of him trying not to be a jerk and getting his affairs in order prior to his deadline.  "Batman and Ronon" ahaha.  For a short bit I was worried they would really take this opportunity to off Zelenka... with Carter being on Atlantis next season, will there be room for all three of them?

I love how on SG-1 they need to go to other planets to find weird stuff, or at least secretly hidden areas on Earth, but on Atlantis all they need to do is find a room they haven't checked out yet.