Sy's N64 Mindless Ramble With Virtually No Content 4: The Japanese In All our Christmas Stockings!

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January 1998

Hello. If you're reading this from anywere other then "Sy's Space 'o Nothing", you may be wondering who I am. Well, I'm Brent Hirose, and I've known Josh for a bit now (I AM assuming you're reading it from N64 Surge). It would be thanx to him this document ever reached your hands. Anyway, I should begin.

Well. Here we are again, the first N64MRwVNC (try saying THAT three times fast! :D) What I'd like to talk about today is the "japanese" in all of our wish lists. Well, think about it!  How many times have you been reading a gaming magazine when you saw a game that made you go: "WOW!" to find out that it's not coming out in North America. In my case, WAY too many times.

It doesn't made very much sense, when you think about it. Since the N54 sales over there are down at the moment, it only makes sense to start relastions so that you can import games to America. Of corse, I can understand a sumo wrestler game not being brought here, but the baseball games that are in japan at the moment would really be welcomed to the N64 lineup this side of the pacific. Then again, over here we're beggining to appreciate Japanese culture, so perhaps a Sumo game would

be appreciated.

Namco seems to be willing to take that risk, since it was recently announced that that's what they where planning on doing. Sumo from Bottom Up is coming HERE baby! Happy? To tell the truth, I'm not. NOt alot, anyway. If Sumo turns out to be a good game, Yeah, I'll be okay, but it makes me think. Sure, Namco does seem to be going with the quirky, but there are other games we want too! Send them! We want them all now! I kill you all! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, what should be done? No compnanies really seem to notice that this could really bring in some bucks.... oh, well.  Till next time,

Live from Canada,

Brent Hirose/ Sy (