Why I like Stargate SG-1

I initially approached SG-1 in 2004 out of curiosity.  I figured that if the series had been around so many years and was even getting a spinoff, it might be worth taking a look at, though I'd only seen the movie once, more than a decade prior.

The early appeal was severalfold:

  • Ancient astronaut theory is pretty boss, and that's pretty much the basis of Stargate in general, here stretched out to series form.
  • Compared to shows like Star Trek taking place centuries in the future, having modern day people trying to learn their way around existing advanced technology was pretty novel.
  • Having at the time been watching Star Trek: Enterprise which felt a bit aimless, the fact that from the get-go these people have the odds stacked against them in a struggle that could determine the fate of the planet... seemed a lot more serious and gave the show direction.

Over the years a lot has changed.  They're not as inept with the technology, and after saving Earth multiple times it becomes less surprising and impressive.  Compared to shows like Battlestar Galactica 2004 it no longer seems so dark or serious.  However, by that time I'm quite enjoying the continuing story, characters, and humor.

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