Zachary W. Slone

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Zachary Wayne Slone

Birth: 1984-11-13
Days since birth: 12,611

As similarly-aged siblings, we of course have had much fighting throughout the years.  However, by nature and nurture we're the closest things to each other on the planet, so we're good friends.  Sometimes this leads to one of us making a joke the other is also thinking, or a reference to a movie other people don't get.  In other cases things end up with us knocking on each other's religious beliefs, or his sports fandom versus my gaming nerddom, but it's mostly good-natured.


Brother: Joshua J. Slone

Stepbrother: Austin J. O'Dell

Mother: Janie L. O'Dell

Father: C. Vernon Slone

Stepfather: Troy J. O'Dell